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However, here are a few things you may not already know.

Party Hampers

Themed party packages can include any combination of the below goods or services;

   - Cake

   - Cupcakes

   - Cake Pops (Galdof Chocolate is used)

   - Themed Cookies

   - Party Packs

   - Themed Sweets & Treats

   - Party Banners

   - Invitations


All platters are freshly hand made for your event. Huge variety available, the options are endless.

Kiddie Platters of Minni Foods (Sweet and/or Savoury) Options available include;

   - Themed Savoury Platters - (Minni Hot Dogs, Minni Hamburgers)

   - Themed Sweet Platters - (Minni Marshmallows, Minni Fizzers, Minni Chocolates)

Adult Platters (Sweet and/or Savoury) Options available include;

   - Cheese & Crackers

   - Cold Meats

   - Savoury Meaty

   - Veggie Pastries

   - Indian Cuisine

   - Sweet Pastries

   - Delux Adult Cupcake Platter (may contain alcohol)

Full packages available or select what best works for you.


Free delivery within a 10km radius, else AA rates apply. Large order may be subject to an additional setup fee. Terms and conditions apply.

The Team



Being the very proud God mother of two darling little nieces it is obvious to say that I needed to make all their birthday wishes come true by making birthday cakes come to life. I come from an art background sculpting fairies and dragons as well as fine art painting printing and so forth. Making and decorating is a wonderful creative outlet as no two cakes are ever the same. The options are endless, we would love to make your vision into a reality.

Our cakes make a statement and make your celebration a memorable one ...



I studied hospitality and catering and am just so thrilled to be able to use some of the things I learnt. Kerry is the God mother to my two girls and we discovered we make a pretty good team. Creating one of a kind cakes has become a great passion of mine, doing new and exciting things with each order. Taking on anything our clients can imagine with a touch of our special flair.

Let us bring your dream cake to life!

Wanna be part of the Novetly Cake Co crew ... get in the queue


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Earthy Wedding Cake and Cupcakes

"We ordered our cake from NCC (Novelty Cake Company), this was really straight forward, they understood what we wanted to achieve from vague ideas and some photos.

The communication with NCC was very quick, we did not need to wait and wonder what was going on.

We also had no worries on the wedding day itself, the cake basically just appeared in the reception hall, we did not need to follow up to make sure they will be there or not.

Once we saw it we were very happy with the final product, it had all the ideas we had embedded in the cake with some additional cool ideas.

The cake itself tasted as good as it looked, well worth it!

We will definitely use NCC again for the next big cake we will need." - Feather & Ferdie

kristina1.png kristina3.png kristina4.png kristina5.png

Wedding Cake / Grooms Cake with a Twist

"We approached the Novelty cake company for our wedding cake.

I wanted something original and different that represented my husband and I with our very different personalities that would also surprise my husband that I was not the typical "bridezilla", and willing to do a twist and even make the cake a feature of the wedding that the guests would never forget.

So considering our different personalities we had to do a bride's and groom's cake to combine them.

My husband is obsessed with Motorbikes and even raced Supermoto in the season the year before.

I am very simple and would prefer a white cake with 3 tears and just some pretty flowers and ribbon.

So i got my cake and my husband got a Tyre that was sitting in chocolate mousse (Mud) and the compromise came that his Tyre was "spinning" and the mud had splashed on my perfect white cake.

The Novelty cake company even went the extra step to personalize the Tyre and made it exactly like his real Motor bike Tyre with the tread crafted exactly as it is and made block with his make of bike and his personalized racing number.

Needless to say the Cake was a surprise for him and all the guests and was definitely a feature at the wedding." - Kristina

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Pillar Highland Wedding Cake

"We decided to 'tie-the-knot' on the 15th of February 2014. The happiest day of my life. We decided to step outside the traditional boundaries that many people adhere to on their very special day. We went with a traditional 'Celtic' themed wedding, but wanted to have a far more relaxed atmosphere, as traditionally the Celts held a feast after their wedding ceremony for their guests and all the people in the community who assisted in making their wedding day possible. We asked NCC to make us a wedding cake based on our theme and they managed to capture this idea perfectly. Our cake was beautiful, bright, fun and oh so delicious. We only but just managed to keep the top tear with the figurines for ourselves. Once again NCC managed to make a cake cutting event the highlight of the day. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts, it was truly amazing". - Alex and Megan Parkinson


African Themed Birthday Cake

"How amazing is my birthday cake! So much detail and special moments capture on the cake!! I did not want to cut it. Thank you Kerry"
- Corlette Wessels

39.png celeste2.png celeste.png

Chocolate Mousse Wedding Cake

"We got married on the 11th of November 2011 ..... Special date meant we needed a very special cake to complete our beautiful day. We asked Kerry and Melody at NCC to design a wedding cake that would suite our wedding's theme ..... They had so many creative and stunning ideas, but after seeing the beautiful sugar flowers and tasting the chocolate mousse with amarula butter cream cake we were sold! They created a gorgeous 3 tier black and white wedding cake that most brides can only dream of. The small intricate details of the sugar flowers on the cake had everyone in awe. Kerry and Melody made us feel totally at ease and assured us that our wedding cake would be everything and more that we can dream of ..... and they delivered. We would definitely make use of your services in the future for our baby shower, birthdays and special events. Thank you for your huge contribution to make our wedding extra special." - Celeste and Eugene Joubert

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Pink Pony, Eagle Cake & Jock of the Bushveld Cupcakes

"I would like to thank NCC for the most amazing cakes they have made for our kids birthday's. My daughter had a big pony one and little Jock of the Bushveld cupcakes. Kerry went out of her way to make this so specials and the detail were unbelievable. Now when my son said to me, he wanted to have a "Eagle cake" I did not know what to do and called Kerry and she said "No problem, will see what I can do" - well, let me tell you - she blew us away!!! I have never seen anything like this and with such creativity put into the design on a cake - I will use NCC over and over and over and recommend them to anyone, any day. Thank you Kerry for making these days extra special for our kids with your amazing cakes!"


Cars - Giant Birthday Cupcake

"The cake was amazing. Moist and delicious. When you look at it you don't expect it to be bursting with so much flavour, yet it was, even the adults had to have their share ..... :)" - Bronwyn du Preez (Cam 5th birthday)


Teddy Bear Baby Shower Cake

"The team made a surprise cake for my baby shower. It was so beautiful !! Vanilla cake with caramel, pineapple and cream filling, topped with caramel icing. Totally divine!" Thanks Girls !!

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Dora the Explorer Birthday Cake & Cupcakes

"I had an idea of a Dora cake that would look fabulous in pictures but that would also taste fantastic and be finished by the end of my 5 year olds birthday party. So we brain stormed and came up with the idea to have a green cake that will imitate the grass and a figurine of Dora that will be sitting on a map which will be in support of the treasure hunt that we had arranged. It came out perfect and the cake and the vanilla butter icing is exactly how I had pictured! It melted in your mouth with every bite. We were happy that by the end of the party there was not a slice left and we did not have to eat cake for a week thereafter." - Kristina


Topsy Turvey 30th Birthday Cake

"We all know that a 30th Birthday should be celebrated "BIG" and thus we decided to ask NCC to make me a birthday cake to remember. All I asked was that the cake should be red, black and white. The rest was all up to them. I was so astonished when I saw my very own special birthday cake, it was way more than I could ever have imagined. It was beautiful. It was PERFECT!! Not only was it absolutely stunning to look at, (when my guests finally convinced me to allow them to cut the cake) we were all blown away by how positively delicious it truly was. Thank you so much for making my birthday a memorable one." - Megan


Winter Wonderland 21st Birthday Cake

"The cake for my sisters 21st was absolutely stunning, not only did it look fantastic but the taste was amazing, every person at her 21st wanted more. I would definitely recommend you to anyone and everyone. Thank you for the service and for going the extra mile in assisting us with the delivery as well as the set up." - Cindy


Beauty & the Beast Birthday Cake

"My little girl was over the moon when she saw her Beauty and the Beast birthday cake which we kept as a surprise for her. I think she stood and looked at it for about ten minutes before jumping up and down, clapping her little hands with glee. She immediately shrilled aloud, "No one eats my Beauty or my Beast!" Then she proceeded to guard the cake until we actually decided to cut it. The cake was super delicious, moist and very tasty ... Thank you guys for making yet another positively smashing cake for an incredible birthday surprise. WELL DONE !!!" - Megan


Parktown Prawn Muffin

"These were the most decedent carrot cake muffins in the world. My personal favourite was the muffin expertly decorated with a hundred percent pure modelling chocolate Park-Town-Prawn. It was delicious and a feast for the eyes. EXCELLENT" - Alex


Jubba the Hutt Birthday Cake

"We ask Kerry and the team to make a Starwars cake for my son's birthday. My son is 'Starwars' crazy. The end product was truly phenomenal, it looked like an actual toy that could be played with!!! Unbelievable!!! The taste was indescribable, we all went back for seconds - hardly anything left. This was by far the best cake I had ever seen." - Megan

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